Business Partnership
Important people charity foundation collaborates with many companies. Every Partnership is unique and based on individual requirements of our Partners.
Your company might want to support one of our programs or donate to save life of one our wards.
Societal marketing
We consider societal marketing as versatile work aimed at promoting our Partner’s brand and its social responsibility. By co-branding with us our Partners get following advantages: sales increase, more attention to their brand, customer loyalty.
Charity activities and events for our Partners employees.
Any format is possible.
In kind contribution
We always need help of photographs and videographers, volunteers etc.
Participating in fundraising campaigns of our Foundation.
We regularly organize different fundraising events and campaigns in parks, during concerts etc.

Any questions about possible Partnership and co-branding with our Foundation can be discussed with the founder of our foundation:

Anastasia Baykina
Founder, CEO
+7 964 376 9795